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alias name: Sub, Substitute or Rubber Substitute


Factice is the vulcanized fatty oil (vegetable oil or, in some cases ,animal oil).  Such oils are reacted with sulfurBrown Factice) or sulfur monochloride(White Factice).  Also sulfur and chloride free factice is available  which is produced by the reaction of peroxide and isocyanate with fatty oil.

You can use it in your rubber compounds as a processing aid, softener, dry plasticizer and also  to prevent the shrinkage  and  to improve the fluidity of the compounds.




< three major features which are not in other processing aids>


1.   Not melting at about 200, the form and dimensions of the compounds are held and also to be prevented from shrinkage.

2.   The mobility of the compound is improved by the lubricant effect of distributed factice particles, also the extrusion condition and the molding speed are improved.

3.   Due to the oil absorptive capacity, factice prevents bleeding of other liquid ingredients in the rubber compound and also prevents the tacky surface of the cured compound.


<Applications and features of factice>


1.   Improves process ability and shortens mixing time.

2.   Increases speed of extrusion and reduces die swell.

3.   Gives smooth surface and good appearance of the product.

4.   Improves process-ability of grinding of the cured rubber such as roll application.

5.   Reduces calendar grain and prevents shrinkage of the compound.

6.   Prevents the sag of the compound and gives stable dimension of the compound.

7.   Improves mold flow and mold release and results in less waste.

8.   Prevents the blooming and improves oil and solvent resistance.

9.   Gives the flexibility of the compound.

10.  Improves aging properties.

11.  Decreases tackiness of the compound and lessens to generate heat in the process.

12.  Decrease cost per volume.


<Examples of the use>


Rubber belt, rubber hose, rubber tube, rubber vibration insulator, rubber roll/ blanket / board / packings / wire cover, sponge rubber, gum tape, automotive weather strip / door sealing / window flame, foot wears, rubber gloves, soft tennis ball, eraser, lubricant additives, cleaners.


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