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Tenma Factice Products
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We deal in factice products made by Tenma, Japan.

1. Golden


Factice produced by hydro-treated rapeseed oil reacted with sulfur. The physical properties are similar to the brown factices but color is light yellow. Dispersion to the rubber compound is excellent because the particle is rather fine. It is good to use for light color and transparent rubbers. It is most recommendable to HR, SBR.


2. Brown #21


Factice produced by vegetable oil reacted with sulfur. It is mostly used for black or dark color rubber compounds. It is used for various applications of both natural rubber and synthetic rubber.


3. Neo N


Brown sulfur factice developed for the process aid of CR or NBR compound. Addition of a large quantity of Neo N affords the hardness to use Neo N for low hardness roll formulation.


4. White #2


Factice produced by the reaction of vegetable oil and sulfur monochloride. It contains 20% calcium carbonate as filler. It is used for eraser in big amount and also used for tackifier.


5. U-8


Sulfur and chlorine free specialty white factice. It is suitable for the process aid to NBR, CR, CSM, U and EPDM, for both sulfur and peroxide cures. It is also used for TPE, PVC and etc.

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