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Silane Coupling Agent
Anti-scorch Agent
Millathane series

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Introduction of our main products
   Silane Coupling Agent

   Anti-scorch Agent

   Factice - alias name: Sub, Substitute or Rubber Substitute

   Factice is the vulcanized fatty oil (vegetable oil or, in some cases ,animal oil). Such oils are reacted with sulfur (Brown Factice) or sulfur monochloride (White Factice). Also sulfur and chloride free factice is available which is produced by the reaction of peroxide and isocyanate with fatty oil. You can use it in your rubber compounds as a processing aid, softener, dry plasticizer and also to prevent the shrinkage and to improve the fluidity of the compounds.

   MILLATHANE series


  Synthetic resin hardening by ultraviolet rays


   Dismold CG


  Disperaid TG


   Deodorant KT-3S


   Deodorant KT


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Our office moved on January 1st, 2012.

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February 15, 2011

We began to deal with a rubber polymer OFF grade.


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